Best Videos

  • Wahida Faizi - Head of Women in Afghan Journalists Safety Committee

  • Masjeed-e- Jamay Herat

  • Peace Ambassador's Festival is held in kabul

  • Ustad Sarmast- Head of the Afghanistan National Inistitute of Music

  • The acclaim of journalists from the BALKA organization

  • A three-days work exhibition held in Kabul

  • International Women's Day was celebrated in Kabul

  • Valentine Day Celebration in Kabul

  • Afghan women's trade show in Kabul

  • Futsal Premier League Championship

  • Shafiq Mureed - Khaista Afghanistan

  • Irfan Khan - Der Rabande Gran

  • Delhi Sultanate & Begum X - Divide and Rule

  • Aryana Sayeed - Alay Jo

  • Jawanan Studio Practicing

  • Jawanan Studio

  • Jawanan Studio Practicing

  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky